Golubcici is the Movement in Balkan Comedy

Dino Bektasevic is a comedian, actor, sketch artist from the Balkans. Better known as Golubcici. Dino's social media has created viral postings ranging from those of Vine, Instagram, Facebook of what is consider to be quirky, humorous, witty day to day BALKAN Topics.

Dino was born in Bosnia and raised in Zvinicima, before arriving to USA and is looking to launch his name amongst the major players of today’s comedy elites. Dino is that comedian that might say and do just about anything. Virtually everyone in his family from his mother, grandmother, brother his uncles and cousins has been a major influence in his edgy and boisterous style. Dino moved to USA from Bosnia, where he discovered his career as a comedian, sketch artist and has traveled extensively around the world.


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